Pixel Led animator

Pixel LED Effects for LedEdit 2014 SWF TOOL

Pixel LED Animator was developed to help you create pixel LED Animations.

Software for Pixel LED Effects DOWNLOAD:

PLA 2 is the best pixel led effect maker on the market!

This tool allows you to create your own LED animations and use them in your projects. You can create animated video clips, and static images.

Pixel LED Animator gives you full control over the colors used in your animations.

This includes being able to set the brightness level for each color as well as choosing from a range of pre-defined colors. It also lets you choose from different patterns such as dots and lines.

The program comes with a number of preset patterns that you can use right away or modify before adding them into your project. The software has an easy-to-use interface that makes creating animations simple enough for beginners but powerful enough for professionals as well.

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